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Are you prepared for the unexpected?

What would your babysitter do if you were in an accident?

Are the plans you have in place to keep your children in the care of people you know and trust sufficient?

Who has legal authority to care for your children, if you don’t make it home?

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Wear Clean Underwear

A fast, fun, friendly—and essential guide—to legal planning for busy parents.

Legacy isn’t just what happens after you die; it’s created moment by moment as a result of each decision you make throughout your life.
Wear Clean Underwear is an easy-to-understand guide for parents who want to leave their children with financial security, legal protection, and peace of mind. 

Wear Clean Underwear helps you plan for the future by using an easy-to-read, choose-your-own-adventure style, to give parents the answers to specific questions like the ones I mentioned above.

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