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Laws of Abundance Podcast: Legal Advice from an Angel

Laws of Abundance: Legal advice from an Angel    This isn’t your typical legal advice solo-cast and I am not your typical lawyer. My name is Angel Latterell and when it comes to practicing law, I resonate with the human spirit, just as much as the judicial system.    I know that the law wasn’t written to be understood, causing a lot of head and heartbreak for business owners. That’s why I want to educate you on how to stop avoiding your legal matters and empower you to build abundant structures that are legal savvy and align with the laws of the universe.    As an attorney, I have over 16 years of legal experience in the areas of business law, intellectual property, complex litigation and landlord tenant law.    As a project manager I am all about building and nurturing systems that work.    And as a certified transformation coach, practicing Buddhist, Kabbalist, I know it all starts with a healthy mindset. Wanting to expand or start your small business or solo-prenuership? Have questions on how to manage your assets? Struggling with how to leave the corporate ladder or just bring more balance and fulfillment to your life? I am your trusted advisor and personal angel, here to help you prosper systematically and energetically.   Welcome to the Laws of Abundance podcast – Legal Advice from an Angel,  I’m your host Angel Latterell.

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