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Contrary to common belief, estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy, elderly or ill. If you’re questioning whether you need an estate plan, or wondering if your existing estate plan is sufficient, this quick and easy quiz will provide you with answers.

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Why Estate Planning is Important

Have you ever stopped to think about how your death would affect your loved ones, or what would happen to all of your accounts, assets, and belongings in your absence? You don’t have to be uber-rich to own real estate, invest in the stock market, or have a retirement fund or bank account, which is why (spoiler alert) estate planning truly is for everyone. 

An estate plan gives you the ability to name guardians for your children, dependents and pets, and to establish how you’d like your assets and personal possessions distributed. It also allows you to outline your healthcare wishes, and minimizes the risk of family disputes and ugly legal battles. 

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An Angel in Your Corner

Angel Latterell is a trusted advisor who takes a holistic, humanistic approach to estate planning that not only ensures your loved ones receive the security they need when you are no longer here but also serves your life’s purpose and legacy. The mission of her law practice is to empower clients to live an abundant life and leave a joyful family legacy.