Legal & Business Services by
Angel M. Latterell, Esq.

Trusted Advisor for your Abundant Business

Foundations Assessment

Flat rate, 1 hour consult + assessment summary, small amount of prep work

Walk through your current state of business with Angel to assess the health of your foundations of abundance. Your business is the container from which all of your creation grows, and there are core root structures you need to have in place to ensure that you are growing in a healthy, scalable way, and not blindsided with unexpected issues.  You complete a short questionnaire and send Angel your business formation documentation and other forms/documents you use in your business prior to the consult. Based on the organic discussion and review of your documentation, Angel will make a recommendation for where you want to prioritize or your efforts to increase the strength of your legal, insurance, financial and tax structures so your business is resting on a solid foundation for growth. Options and choices for Trusted Advisor subscriptions will be presented at this time, customized to your particular business needs.

Start-up Planning and Packages

1 hour initial consultation + recommendation, short pre-work questionnaire 

Have a business idea and don’t know where to begin? Know where to begin but want a Trusted Advisor on the journey with you? Why not begin your journey with a compassionate attorney in your corner, to help you set things up the best possible way the first time around. 

Registered Agent

Annual Flat Rate

List Angel as your registered agent for all legal and annual report renewals. You will get a reminder about your need to renew key documents along with an annual check-up on the basic health of your legal foundations. 

Trusted Advisor Subscriptions

Monthly flat rate, 3 month minimum, length and services vary

An abundant legal philosophy requires a business owner and entrepreneur to be proactive, versus reactive in their approach to calling an attorney. Angel’s specialty is being on hand to advise on decisions, talk through questions of regulations, contract review, and to just be generally available to ensure you always have an advocate and counselor for your small business decision making. Don’t make a decision alone, or assume that you understand teh fine print in everything that is thrown at you as a small business owner, choose to have a Trusted Advisor available to you. There are many levels of Trusted Advisor subscriptions available and the details of your custom fit will be discussed in your Foundations Assessment or Start-up Planning session. 

Non-Profit Advisor

Consults or hourly services available.

Non-profit boards of directors have a lot of responsibilities and fiduciary obligations, but they do not always have the legal expertise they need to interpret what they should or should not do in every situation. Angel has served on many boards of arts, culture, community and religious organizations formed for a variety of purposes. She has also consulted and advised many more, interpreting the law as it applies for the formation or specific opportunity or challenge presenting itself. 

Project Management Consulting & Mentoring

If you need planning structures and assistance with completing an endeavor or putting systems into place at your business to finish projects on time, on budget, and within scope, I offer various levels of consultation, advice, and hands-on project management. I can provide templates, mentor resources, or teach your company what it needs to more effectively manage programs and projects. 

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