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Manufactured Home Titles and Lease Reviews

Getting the Title to your Manufactured/Mobile Home

Flat rate plus court costs & fees, length of time varies

Manufactured homes in Washington state, and most states, are treated as vehicles instead of real estate. As a result, there is a lot of confusion and difficulty if the title to the home did not transfer properly, was misplaced, or lost for whatever reason. There is a specific set of legal processes to “Quiet Title” to your Manufactured home in Washington if you need to get a new title or confirm your right to the title in order to sell, move or transfer. Manufactured homes are very important to many people and their legacies. Angel is one of the few practitioners in Washington who is experienced in this process. She looks forward to working with you to reclaim the title to your home. 

Manufactured/Mobile Home Park Lease Renewals and Reviews

Flat rate, One-hour session

Leases for manufactured home or mobile home parks are governed under a different set of landlord-tenant rules than apartments and traditional residential real estate in Washington. There are certain requirements for these leases and laws put in place to protect tenants renting land inside of parks. If you have a new lease being presented to you and you need it translated from legalese to English, or English is your second language, or you feel pressured or otherwise uncertain about the lease being presented for any reason, Angel will review it for you and explain in detail what your rights and responsibilities are in the situation are. 

Manufactured/Mobile Home Park Landlord-Tenant Matters

Just as leases are governed under the Washington Manufactured Home Landlord Tenant Act, so are all Landlord Tenant relationships in Mobile Home Parks/ Manufactured Home Parks. As these matters of Landlord Tenant are unique, Angel brings the same expertise, and level headed win win advocacy approach to these matters as matters governed by the Residential Landlord Tenant Act. If you have a challenge or opportunity in your Landlord Tenant relationship and you live in or administrate in a Mobile Home/Manufactured Home Park schedule a consult with Angel. 

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