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Angel M. Latterell, Esq.

Life and Legacy Planning for Families of all Shapes and Sizes

Family Wealth Planning Session

FREE ($700 value) 2 hour session, pre-work required

If you choose to engage in a full package of Life and Legacy planning the Family Wealth Planning Session is where we begin. Prior to the session, you complete a Family Wealth Inventory so that you come into this session with a clear picture of the legacy your family holds, and the goals you want to achieve through planning. Family Wealth is more than just property and money, and this abundant approach to finding a way to preserve and enhance the holistic wealth of your family will come through when engaging with Angel during this session. What is most important is that you will be offered options, choices, and clear explanations of all of them, and how these will impact your family now and into the future. 

Life and Legacy Planning

Flat Rate – Cost and Length of time varies

Based on the decisions you make in your Family Wealth Planning Session, you will be guided through a multi-week process to complete your comprehensive life and legacy plan, and if applicable, kids protection plan. Details of this planning process will be provided during the Family Wealth Planning Session. What is most important to know is that Angel is not just preparing documents for your family, but is your family’s trusted advisor, there to ensure the goals and desires for your legacy are facilitated in the most compassionate, abundant and thoughtful way possible. 

The Basics – Will, Power of Attorney, Medical Directive

1 hour consult + document drafting

Every person who is 18 years or older is recommended to have a Last Will and Testament, a Durable Power of Attorney, and a Medical Directive (a “living will”, as it is commonly known). In this session, clients work with Angel to walk through the basic planning questions so she can draft these 3 documents for you, along with the advice required to ensure they function as they should. Clients are given a short questionnaire to work on prior to the consultation, and homework to complete after. 

Medical Power of Attorney

1 hour consult + document drafting

Health and wellbeing can be fragile things, and sometimes we are blessed with the knowledge that there will come a time when we will be unable to make health care decisions for ourselves because we will not be cognisant anymore of what those choices mean. This could be because of a diagnosis of a disease that causes cognitive degeneration, dementia, or the possibility of long term periods of unconsciousness. A Medical Power of Attorney allows you, while you are still fully present, to have these discussions now, with a loved one, who will be empowered, when the time comes, to act on your wishes as you have set them forth. A Medical Power of Attorney is also recommended for anyone who is reaching the golden years of their life, and who is in a risk group for COVID 19.