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Landlord-Tenant Matters

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Is there an issue with your security deposit? Does your home have a repair issue, mold, other concerns about your family’s safety and welfare? Do you need to break your lease based on a change of circumstances? Did you get a letter asking for a very large sum of money that just doesn’t seem right? All of these issues and more is where Angel comes in to assist. A lot of the situations faced by tenants are in grey areas where good clear communication and compassionate problem solving with honest advocacy can solve the problem quickly and positively for everyone involved. The goal is not to be litigious, just clear about roles and responsibilities, and focusing on win-win solutions with an abundance mindset. Angel has over 16 years of experience volunteering with the Housing Justice Project and advising Tenants in private practice. She is expertly aware of all the details of the Landlord-Tenant law, and will honestly tell you what legal options you have in all situations. *Angel is specially trained in the COVID 19 emergency rules and proclamations in of Washington affecting Tenants.

Advice and Counsel for Small Landlords

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Small Landlords are people who have one or two or maybe even three properties. If you are one of these persons, perhaps just starting out as a Landlord with a new investment property, you are highly encouraged to work with Angel to set-up your properties with custom leases, and counseling you need to understand your Landlord responsibilities in Washington State. The landscape is constantly changing as every city and municipality passes new sets of housing codes, as well as living under a State of Emergency with COVID-19 proclamations and requirements. As a longtime tenant advocate, Angel will honestly tell you the best way to proactively manage your properties to avoid unnecessary issues, as well as step in to honestly and compassionately advocate for you as challenges arise with tenants.

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