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Angel M. Latterell, Esq.


Legal Consultation

Discuss a legal question of importance to your life – this could be a contract question, a landlord-tenant question, a question about whether or not you have any legal recourse to a problem. You name it, we can talk about it if I have expertise in the area and it is in the State of Washington.

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Business Services

I offer comprehensive business creation, maintenance, and strategic advisory services. Business law is not just about forming the right entity, checking a box, and moving on – but looking at the holistic picture of the business, its goals, and using my outlook as an attorney and consultant to be a trusted advisor, to prevent troubles before they are encountered. I ensure all of my clients have essential foundations for their business in place for legal, insurance, finance, and taxes. Read More »

Latterell Law Abundance Legal Coaching

Life & Legacy Planning

I also offer estate planning for individuals, families, and beyond. Planning for after you are gone is some of the most important planning you can do for your loved ones. It ensures the passing on of more than just material assets.  My services are affordable, premium, flat rate, and scale from economical to an investment in protecting your family’s wealth. Read More »

Latterell Law Abundance Legal Coaching

Landlord-Tenant Matters

My work as a tenant advocate and advisor to small landlords is focused on problem-solving, prevention, and getting to a win-win in difficult situations. I am honest and direct, compassionate, and caring – but not litigious. Sometimes, using the law is not the best solution to a landlord-tenant matter. Instead, the solution resides in our hearts, taking a breath, and allowing our critical thinking or read of the energy of the situation to rule the day. I will be honest with you in these situations, and where a lawyer is a value-add to the situation, I will be clear, reasonable, and affordable to meet the budget of tenants and small landlords. In all cases, I will advocate for your goals and the best possible outcome under the circumstances. Read More »

Latterell Law Abundance Legal Coaching

Manufactured Home Titles and Lease Reviews

Washington law treats your mobile home as a vehicle instead of a house. If you encounter a challenge with its title, the procedures are specific and challenging to navigate yourself. Even a lot of attorneys are unclear about how to clear up muddy and fuzzy title issues. I have experience in this area and offer affordable, flat-rate packages depending on your situation. Moreover, manufactured home parks/mobile home parks are governed under specific landlord-tenant law for matters that come up in the context of renting the land mobile homes rest on. If you are presented with a lease or are facing a challenge as a tenant or landlord, I advise in these situations with compassionate, holistic, and flat-rate affordable advice. Read More »

Estate Planning 101 - Planning for your death

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