Estate Planning 101

How to keep your family out of court and conflict

Estate Planning 101: How to keep your family out of court and conflict

About the Webinar

This is a free, educational webinar about the benefits and details of custom estate planning and how it can keep your family out of court and conflict.

What You'll Learn:

  • How planning prevents paperwork and financial burdens for those you leave behind
  • How to make sure your kids are not left with strangers, or worse, if they lose you
  • How to ensure all family, chosen or otherwise is taken care of if you die
  • How to make sure your wishes for end of life decisions are followed

Presented by:
Angel Latterell, Esq.

Angel Latterell Estate Planning Lawyer

“The mission of my law practice is to be a trusted advisor who empowers you as an individual to live an abundant and joyful life. I will work with you, my client, for a solution that serves your life and purpose. The law, wielded as a tool to advise with a holistic humanistic viewpoint, can work for clients to build solid foundations for abundant businesses, joyful family legacies, and positive results for the challenges and opportunities that arise in the realm of landlord-tenant relationships.” 

– Angel Latterell

About Angel Latterell

My name is Angel Latterell and I am NOT your typical lawyer. When it comes to practicing law, I resonate with the human spirit, just as much as the judicial system.  

As an attorney, I have over 16 years of legal experience in the areas of business law, intellectual property, complex litigation, and landlord-tenant law. As a project manager, I am all about building and nurturing systems that work. And as a certified transformation coach, practicing Buddhist, Kabbalist, I know it all starts with a healthy mindset.

I am a woman of many hats with one mission – empowerment and transformation of the individual and the world they impact. All of my work is geared toward my clients being able to see where they have choices, options, autonomy, and responsibility in their life & legacy, business & planning. Knowing these things is the path to a fulfilled life and success in any endeavor.

As an attorney, I focus on small business, estate planning, and landlord/tenant matters. I work with small and micro businesses to set them up with strategic systems, implementing a firm foundation to grow from proactively (instead of just calling a lawyer when there is trouble). I partner with business owners to be an advisor,  as well as to do the traditional transactions – drafting of contracts, formation documentation, consulting on Intellectual Property, commercial leases, etc. I do estate planning for everyone from the well-off to the working-class individual or family, limited income senior, or a young entrepreneur with small children. I do Life & Legacy planning with people and families to ensure they are set up in a way that allows for your loved ones to have what they need when you are no longer here.

No question is a bad question and it is my responsibility to my client to look at the entire situation and give advice from both a legal and compassionate human perspective. I have done a good job if my client leaves empowered as a result of our interaction (not confused by legalese and complex documents). 

Estate Planning 101 - Planning for your death

You can avoid leaving your family a mess when you die.
Watch my free webinar to learn how.