Estate Planning 101

How NOT to leave your family and friends a MESS when you die

Angel and her dog estate plan

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Learn how you can spare your family headache, heartache, money, and time if something happens to you.

About the Webinar

This is a free, educational webinar about the benefits and details of custom estate planning and how it can keep your family out of court and conflict. You can avoid leaving your family a mess when you die.

What You'll Learn

  • How wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and medical directives work for you
  • How will and trust planning can prevent a horrible mess and burdens for those you leave behind
  • How to make sure your kids/pets are not left with strangers, or worse, if they lose you through short and long term guardianship planning
  • How custom planning ensures all family, chosen or otherwise is taken care of if you die
  • Using a Living Will/Medical Directive makes sure your wishes for end of life decisions are followed

Presented by: Angel Latterell, Esq.

“The mission of my law practice is to be a trusted advisor who empowers you as an individual to live an abundant and joyful life. I will work with you, my client, for a solution that serves your life and purpose. The law, wielded as a tool to advise with a holistic humanistic viewpoint, can work for clients to build solid foundations for abundant businesses, joyful family legacies, and positive results for the challenges and opportunities that arise in the realm of landlord-tenant relationships.”  – Angel Latterell

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