Estate Planning 101:

How NOT to Leave a Mess for Your Family & Friends When You Die

Less than 50% of adults in the U.S. have a plan in place for when they die. Many of us procrastinate or fail to create estate plans because we don’t think we need one. However, planning for your death isn’t about you, or your belongings.

Estate planning is about the people you leave behind, and ensuring they are taken care of and not facing a huge hurdle of bureaucratic paperwork, possible legal barriers, and figuring out where you put your checkbook.

Angel and her dog estate plan

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About Estate Planning 101

This is a free, educational video about the benefits of custom estate planning, and how it can keep your family out of court and conflict. We’ll discuss essential estate planning documents, including how to handle guardianship of children and pets, as well as the importance of living wills and medical directives. Estate Planning 101 eases you into the planning process and educates you on the basics, so your family isn’t left with a mess when you die.

What You'll Learn

  • How Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Medical Directives work for you
  • How Will & Trust Planning can prevent a horrible mess and burdens for those you leave behind
  • How to make sure your children and pets are not left with strangers, through short- and long-term Guardianship Planning
  • How custom Estate Planning ensures all family, both biological and chosen, are taken care of if you die
  • How a Living Will/Medical Directive can ensure your wishes for end of life decisions are followed

About the Presenter

Angel Latterell is a trusted advisor who takes a holistic, humanistic approach to estate planning that not only ensures your loved ones receive the security they need when you are no longer here, but also serves your life’s purpose and legacy. The mission of her law practice is to empower clients to live an abundant life and leave a joyful family legacy.

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