Angel M. Latterell, Esq has over 16 years of legal experience in the areas of business law, intellectual property, complex litigation and landlord tenant law. She has worked in small and medium sized law general practice firms and learned that that they are generally not that helpful for the average person and their smaller legal problems. She has been a solo practitioner for the last 12 years focusing her work on small business, new and small business landlords, artists, tenant advocacy, debtor advocacy and various other general matters for the regular person via her legal consult and flat fee model.

Angel has spent the majority of her career in the state of Washington volunteering with King County’s Housing Justice Project representing low-income tenants facing eviction. Her experience with Seattle rules and regulations supporting tenants is vast and wide, and her experience resolving disputes is lengthy. She has also sat on a variety of boards, advised numerous non-profits, and helped a number of artists get their small businesses in order.

Other than practicing law Angel is a practicing Buddhist, Kabbalist and poet and has been seen on stage many places in Seattle, including the production of her own spoken word opera Intersection (a piece examining homelessness and street culture in Seattle, starring Spoonman) and her book Poetry from the Heart: Poems Inspired by the Practice of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism is available on amazon.com.  At the time of writing this bio she is hoping her manuscript Blood Orange will be chosen by at least one publisher to reach print. She is also an avid home cook, as well as a food and travel writer. Her adventures across the possible can be followed far and wide at her blog paprikaangel.com. One of her dreams is to give a workshop on how to cook a phenomenal Thanksgiving turkey.

Last but not least, Angel is a Certified Max Meditation instructor and Certified Life Activation Practitioner.  She is trained in the magick lineage of King Salomon to engage individuals in metaphysical solutions to finding empowerment and a joyful fulfilled and healthy life. Both this metaphysical and mindfulness training influences her ability to listen and engage with her clients in a compassionate and humanistic way.