A Different Kind of Lawyer

I am Angel M. Latterell, Esq.  Latterell Law Office is my solo practice law firm located in Seattle, Washington.

I became a lawyer to help people. I believe legal services should be approachable, affordable and accessible to the average person. I am not here to charge you outrageous hourly fees or make you feel smaller because of the problem you are facing.  I am here to give you practical legal advice to navigate your situation – whether that be protecting your rental housing, being a good landlord, expanding your small business, drafting a simple will, or determining if it is good idea to pursue something in small claims court.

It is my mission to provide flat rate affordable legal advice to help people with the things that matter to them. Every legal consultation I provide, no matter the length, is offered at one flat rate fee of $225.00.

No question is a bad question. This is your life. If you trust me to advise you I do not take lightly my responsibility to look at the entire situation and give you honest advice from a legal and humanistic perspective. The law cannot solve every problem, and sometimes it makes it worse – if you come to me for a consult I will honestly give you my opinion about the matter at hand.